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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feedburner - Review

(Image by FeedBurner)
Feedburner is the tool that every blogger or news company would dream of having. Its extreme features to optimize, publicize, and publish blogs is great. The best part is, its entirely free! This blog, wCross Technologies 2 uses Feedburner for our email subscription service and many other features that Feedburner offers. Feedburner started in 2004, but then moved to Google in 2007. This shows that Feedburner is reliable because it has been up since 2004.

  • BrowserFriendly- This feature allows people to easily subscribe to there networks like My Yahoo, Bloglines, Netvibes, Pageflakes, etc.. 
  • SmartFeed- Makes your feed compatible with any feed reader. 
  • FeedFlare- Gives your readers more interactivity with posts by making buttons at the bottom of each post like "Email the author" or "Email this".
  • Headline Animator- Create a dynamic banner with your feeds headlines.
  • BuzzBoost- Creates your feed into a html snippet to use on any webpage.
  • Email Subscription- This is the feature that I like the most from Feedburner. It offers free email updates to subscribers from your feed. It works great, and has so many features within it like email timing and email branding.
  • Feed Count- This widget can tell how many readers you have to your feed. I have a small amount of readers because my blog is small, new, and not that popular.  
  • Socialize- With this feature, you can have Feedburner automatically post updates your social network from your feed. 
In conclusion, you wouldn't have the features of this blog if it wasn't for Feedburner. I highly recommend it for blogs because it is very reliable (working since 2004!) and has so many features for free! Join today feedburner.com

I am proud to say that  I heart FeedBurner, and my blog is Powered by FeedBurner.