' Top 5 Chrome Extensions

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top 5 Chrome Extensions

(Image by Google)
Google Chrome has a wide variety of apps, extensions, and themes to improve your browsing experience. From security to notifications, there are thousands of extensions. How do you know which ones are right for you? Is it the web developing tools, or is it the browser tuning tools? Here is wCross
Technology's 2 top 5 Chrome Extensions.

1. Jolidrive New Tab Page- The JoliDrive extension redesigns the new tab page within Google Chrome. The JoliDrive service is made by JoliCloud, which has a new approach to internet services. There approach is to combine all online cloud services together, into one fast and easy place. They do a spectacular job achieving this goal. This extension revamps the new tab page, so it shows the JoliDrive interface, and makes it easy to get into your internet services. Get the JoliDrive Chrome extension here.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop- This is the remote desktop app from Google. Although it is built into Google Chrome, it is a full fledged remote desktop program will full features. It offers as quick tech support, or as a long distance log in. CRD is a cross-platform app, so you can control a Mac using Windows, or the other way around. Get CRD here.

3. avast! Online Security- This is the browser-based security extension. We trust Avast for all of our security. This app protects you from many threats, and you can view the rating of the website. The rating of the website is a rating averaged from multiple people. After rating the website, you choose the category of the website (Shopping, News/Blog, Etc...). Get avast! Online Protection here.

4. Gtalklet / Hangouts- These extensions are both IM communication extensions. Gtalklet supports Google Talk (old version), Facebook chat, and other XMPP chat services. Hangouts on the other hand, supports The new version of Google Talk. They are both high quality apps, so choose the one that fits your lifestyle. Get Gtalklet here or the Hangouts extension here.

5. Google+ Notifications- This is the app to see notifications from Google+. Google+ is now the #2 social network (Source: Forbes), and is replacing Facebook. This app with appear with your notifications in a small little notification bell in the corner. It is a simple app, but quite helpful. Get G+ notifications extension here.